Charlie Barber Archive

mayoral portrait of Charlie Barber

I have recently taken custody of various diaries, photos, papers and artefacts relating to my grandfather Arthur Charles Barber, who rose from a hard upbringing to serve terms as mayor of Lewes in East Sussex, England.

Audio Recordings

I have not yet put much on this page. However, I have digitised some interviews with Charlie and his wife Dorothy which were on audio cassette, knowing that it will not be long before it is impossible to find a machine to play them on. Click to play each track directly, or do right click... save if you want to download a local copy.

Graham Mayhew interview with Charlie and Dorothy:
part 1 MP3
part 2 MP3

Ted Nalchett reminiscences of Charlie and other Lewes characters:

John Jacobs interviews with Charlie:
part 1 MP3
part 2 MP3
part 3 MP3
part 4 MP3
part 5 MP3
part 6 MP3


Charlie and Dorothy with daughters and husbands
Charlie Barber on the mayoral throne

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